Michael & Jason Hall Outfitters

Their Story…

Michael and Jason grew up in Southwestern Colorado and are very knowledgeable with the pattern of movement and the habitat of elk and mule deer in Southwestern Colorado. Growing up Michael and Jason learned multiple skills from their dad and learned what it means to be a ‘responsible hunter’.  Their hunting expeditions started at a young age and their passion for the outdoors and hunting is year around. Neither one has missed a hunting season; something their wives are willing to attest to. As their passion continued to grow they decided to share their enthusiasm for hunting with others and would love to share in this experience with you. Our Colorado elk hunting guides enjoy spending the day with you and guiding you through your Colorado guided elk hunting trips.  Whether you are looking for a guided elk hunt or want to plan your Colorado guided hunts, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

“There are only three nights that I can not sleep; the night before the first day of school, the night before Christmas and the NIGHT BEFORE OPENING DAY!”
– Jason Hall, age 12


  • Clothes (warm and cold weather gear)
  • Ammo
  • Weapon
  • Camera


  • Transportation to and from Airport (Cortez and/or Durango)
  • Food
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Bedding
  • Camp/Lodging

2024 Season Dates

Archery Season (Elk, Bear & Deer)
September 2nd– September 30th

First Season (Elk; draw only)
October 12th – October 16th

Second Season (Elk & Deer)
October 26th- November 3rd

Third Season (Elk & Deer)
November 9th -November 15th

Fourth Season (Elk & Deer; draw only)
November 20th– November 24th

***Deer Hunts are by draw only***


(5 or 4.5 Day we provide food)
2 on 1 Guided Private Land …………….$6000

Semi-guided Private Land 4.5 Day ………$4000

Semi-guided Private Land 4 Day………$3750

(7 Day No food Provided, unguided)

Rifle Drop Camp ( 2 people)…………………..$3000

Archery Drop Camp (2 people) ……………..$3000

Rifle Drop Camp (3 or more people)………..$2500

Archery Drop Camp (3 or more people)……….$2000

Half of the hunt price is a non-refundable deposit and is due at time of reservation and the remaining amount is due 30 days prior to hunt.

***All Prices are a per hunter price***

*Limited land owner tags are available; please contact us for more information.
*** BRING YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER (under the age of 18) AND RECEIVE $1000 DOLLARS OFF THEIR HUNT (or 50% off if hunt is under $2000) ***